Bus Forms

Bus Form

Click here if you would like to bring your child home with you instead of riding the bus

Forms need to be turned in on or before the previous practice

  • Forms need to be filled out by LEGAL guardians

  • Student needs to ride with LEGAL guardians

    • Cannot ride with friends, other teammate's parents, grandparents (if not legal guardians), etc.

Form Instructions

Option 1

    1. Print the form at home

    2. Fill out/Sign the form

    3. Scan the form

    4. Email it to jacob.anderson@k12.sd.us

Option 2 (Recommended)

    1. Click the Link above

    2. Once in Google Sheets, click File > Make a copy

    3. Fill out the blue areas in the form (you may type your signature)

    4. Click "Share" in the top right corner

    5. Add my email: jacob.anderson@k12.sd.us

    6. Click Done

    7. If you would like confirmation, feel free to send me a seperate email!

Option 3

    1. Ask a coach for a copy in practice

    2. Fill out and Return