Sign-Up Forms

The following 3 items need to be completed before the child participates (INCLUDES SUMMER OPEN MATS!!)


2) Annual Information update (Activity Participation Packet): (COMPLETE BEFORE PARTICIPATION)

  • For both Athletics AND Fine Arts, you must complete the Annual Information Update (the online version of our yellow Activity Participation Packet). Beginning May 3rd, please login to your Parent Infinite Campus account and complete the “Annual Student Information Update.” (After signing into Infinite Campus, click on “More” in the left hand margin to get to the Annual Student Information Update.)

  • Here is the link to the Parent Portal for Infinite Campus:

    • When completing the Annual Information Update, you must complete ALL children linked to your Parent ID, not just the one participating in High School Activities.

    • Be aware that a green check mark by your student’s name does NOT mean that the information has been submitted. You must click “Save and Continue” all the way to the end of the program and then click “Submit”.

3) Annual Student Information Update: (COMPLETE BEFORE PARTICIPATION)

Students only during season:

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